Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Everybody seems to be disappearing lately.

Literally. CNN.com has, at the time of this post, four separate headlines on their main page that include the words "missing" or "disappeared" or some variation of one of the two.

What gives? People disappear all the time, but it seems to be almost trendy, now--everyone has to be missing. It's completely over reported, which I suppose can be considered a good thing, but come on. One of the headlines is about a missing dog.

What about real news? I don't see one thing on the main page about Vermont's ruling for same-sex marriages in the state. I had to do a search about it, and for god's sake, it happened TODAY, less than a week after Iowa courts UNANIMOUSLY overturned the ban against marriage equality in that state. Check it.

And then do a little dance for equal rights and people who are finally getting them.

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