Monday, April 20, 2009


My apologies for not posting anything on the Day of Silence last Friday--I hope those who participated made it through the day safely.

Exodus International's "Day of Truth" is upon us. Oh, no, folks, the truth--or rather, thinly veiled hate and open hostility toward the goddamned homosexuals. For those who fear for their safety on this day, there is also a page dedicated to "Facing Opposition," in which they describe instances where students were *gasp!* openly criticized for saying hateful things.

What a sad day it is when good-hearted people spreading love (read as: bigoted homophobes spreading anti-gay propaganda) are subject to criticism. It almost makes you forget about the harassment and violence aimed at LGBTQ individuals on a day-to-day basis. Tragic example here.

Note: Also, because of EI, I have found out exactly what the Gay Agenda is! I feel so enlightened.

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  1. G-G-G-GAY AGENDA! They forgot to add that we want to make everyone wear rainbow tags on their jackets to identify and target breeders, and then force them to watch Ellen Degeneres. You know that's how we get them.