Sunday, March 22, 2009

Netflix is starting to scare me.

The more movies you rate/add to your queue on Netflix, the more narrow the recommendations are for you. I logged on today, and it gave me a list of five movie "genres" that I might enjoy. This list includes:

Gay & Lesbian Dramas (based off my preferences of gay & lesbian and drama films);
Independent Thrillers (because I like indies and thrillers, yeah);
Dark Movies starring Sean Penn (I don't really particularly care for Sean Penn, but I watched Milk, and 21 Grams is in my queue);
Quirky Mother-Daughter Comedies (How is this even a category? This is of course, given that I liked Penelope and I have Happiness in my queue); and
Visually-striking Mind-bending Fantasy. Fuck yeah!

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