Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whoa, a personal blog!

Gir got some blue shit on the back of his neck as a result of tearing apart my empty Arby's bag yesterday, so today he gets a bath and the gods get a good chuckle out of the entire thing.

I bought some cherry cigarettes today and am not disappointed, but I'm still looking for the cappuccino flavored ones--why does no one carry them? Also I realized that I can't pronounce Djarum so I had to figure it out online when I got home (for the record, it's JA ROOM), and wondered how long I've been saying it incorrectly and sounding like an ass.

I brought Laura some Paliani's for lunch today but we both filled up on breadsticks and salad before we even got to the strombolis. (Stromboli? Spell check suggests trombonists instead, which to me do not sound as tasty, but then I've never tried to eat a trombonist so I couldn't say for sure.)

I start my new job at Subway on Sunday (woo, glamorous!)--I had a dream that I was working drive-thru but no one taught me how to do it so I utterly failed and was consequently fired. Our location does not have a drive-thru so I hope to avoid this.

I forgot batteries at the store again. Damn.

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