Monday, July 20, 2009

But wait, there's more.

Oh, damn, I almost forgot! I started my job today. Well, at this point yesterday. I think it went okay, but I severely underestimated how large the shirts were going to be and ordered a medium. It goes down to my knees and I need to order new, smaller shirts soon because it's a pain in the ass to tuck in to my pants. (I hate tucking shirts into pants. It just sends an "ew" down my spine.)

It will be nice to have another paycheck. We can definitely use the money, as there is now talk of visiting Laura's parents in New Hampshire (still not sure why NH, they're from Jersey) in August. Unfortunately, it's like a 15 hour drive as per the estimations I did in my head without any actual units of measurement to base it off of, and we definitely can't afford two round-trip plane tickets plus hotel accommodations for three nights. Shit, man.

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