Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today was going to be a hugely productive day which turned out to be only a semi-productive day (inorite?). I originally had all of these plans to go take Gin to the vet to get her stitches taken out (spay and neuter your pets, folks), go renew the tags on my lisence plate, do the dishes, and maybe go up to animal control to get Gin's lisence.

Of course, the only thing I actually did today was to renew my tags ($76, thank god tomorrow is payday). I called this morning to see if I could get the dog into the vet today, since they never set me up with a follow-up appointment, and was told to wait another week. I told the guy she was bleeding last night (and all over our sheets, too--yuck) and according to that guy it's fairly normal and possibly she was in heat when we got her fixed and OMG DOGS HAVE PERIODS, blah blah blah. I was gettting uncomfortable quickly (though no fault of this dude's--he was completely professional but I have issues talking to people with penises sometimes especially when it's about people (or in this case, dogs) with no penises) and the entire time I was trying to keep from losing it and blurting out something inappropriate about dog vaginas, or ZOMG her tits are huge seriously they're so fucking big is that normal. (I wonder how many people will get here via googling 'dog vaginas'.)

So, this is Australia.

Actually, no, this is not Australia, but I am getting taken out to dinner tonight by some friends so there's a big HELL YES! for free food and friends.

Also, my computer has been sucking lately (as has my broadband card, which I suspect is actually the problem), so my internet access is shoddy at best and non-existant at worst. Which is kind of crappy because I was planning on attempting to switch my blog over to WordPress today, but it looks like that plan is blown (at least for now). Ultimately I believe I'm causing more damage to the card by attempting to get the thing to JUST FUCKING WORK, so I'm hoping that if I call a company who for legal reasons shall be known as Oh My God My Brain Is Going To Explode, I can possibly secure another broadband card for free. Maybe.

Oh. My baby kitten has adult teeth now. Sob.

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