Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hello, readers (and new follower!), this is to inform you that I may be taking a brief hiatus in order to, um, get my shit together.

Also, since my brain is currently malfunctioning aside from the obvious "Haha, funny man funny" in reference to the Eddie Izzard special I'm watching as I'm typing this, here are some links that you must click RIGHT NOW as I smoke.

- The Prez AND the Vice Prez like hamburgers too! I know, right?

- House passes hate crime legislation. (Question: does hate crime legislation limit freedom of speech? Short answer: no, and you're dumb.)

- Swine flu might put a damper on Cinco de Mayo celebrations because, uh... only Mexicans have it? What?

- I JUST realized that the dorky guy in all those movies I've seen and curled my lip at... is the Mac guy! (For the record, I like PC guy better and I am stupid.)

- Craigslist might drop their sex ads, which means you might want to hurry up.

And now this:

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